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Question 1: (1 point)

A disk turns with an average angular velocity of 0.9245 rad/s. Through which angle in degrees does the disk turn in 4.245 sec (see sheet 3)? Indicate with a negative (positive) sign whether a point on the disk at larger distance r from the center of rotation moves faster (slower) than a point at smaller distance r from the center.

Question 2: (1 point)

A point marked at the edge of a rotating disk which has a radius of 21.59 cm moves a distance of 8.806 m in 2.568 minutes. What is the average angular velocity of the disk (in SI units) (see sheet 4)? Indicate with a negative (positive) sign whether you can (cannot) use the same expression you used above to relate the instantaneous angular velocity and the instantaneous tangential velocity to each other.

Question 3: (1 point)

A wheel with a 0.5309 meter radius, initially at rest, rolls down an incline and reaches after 5.751 seconds a linear velocity of 4.373 m/s. What is the angular acceleration of the wheel (see sheet 5 and the beginning of 34 where rolling is explained)? Indicate with a positive (negative) sign whether the tangential velocity of a point on the rim of the wheel is the same as (different from) the linear velocity of the wheel.

Question 4: (1 point)

The constant tangential acceleration of a point at the edge of a rotating disk with a 50.87 m radius is 0.8265 m/s2. If the disk starts out with 28.57 rpm (see sheet 10 for "rpm") what is the angular velocity after 4 seconds (see sheet 5,7,10)? Indicate with a positive (negative) sign whether the initial angular velocity is (is not) given in SI units.

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