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Post  Admin on Wed Sep 17, 2008 5:33 pm

I will fill in the blanks as answers get solved but seeing as this is old I doubt anybody needs them.

Question 1: (1 point)

An object, initially at rest, falls under the influence of gravity (neglect air resistance) and reaches a speed of 8.34 m/s. For how many seconds did it fall (see sheet 19)? Indicate with a positive (negative) sign whether with air resistance the fall time is smaller (larger) than without air resistance.

How to solve:

Question 2: (1 point)

An object, initially at rest falls under the influence of gravity (neglect air resistance) a distance of 3.883 m. How many seconds does it fall (see sheet 19)?

How to solve:

Question 3: (1 point)

An object is tossed vertically downward from an 70.42 m height and reaches the ground after 2.715 seconds. What was the magnitude of its initial velocity from the toss (neglect air resistance, see sheet 14)?

How to solve:

Question 4: (1 point)

An object is launched vertically upward with 6.871 m/s. How high does it rise (neglect air resistance , see sheet 23' )?

How to solve:


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