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I will fill in the blanks as answers get solved but seeing as this is old I doubt anybody needs them.

Question 1: (1 point)

The x-component of a velocity vector is 4.348 m/s and the y-component is 3.19 m/s. What is the magnitude of the velocity (sheet 3,4 and 5)?

How to solve:

Question 2: (1 point)

The magnitude of a velocity vector is 6.011 and its direction is 152.8 degrees (measured counter clockwise from the positive x-axis). What is the y-component (sheet 3,4 and 5)?

How to solve:

Question 3: (1 point)

The x-and y-components of two vectors A and B in the notation (x, y) are (5.169 , 2.984 ) for A and (-6, -0.784 ) for B in arbitrary units. What is the direction of the vector C = (A - B) measured as an angle between the vector C and the positive x-axis in counter clockwise direction (sheet 6 - convince yourself with the graphical "head to tail" method that your result makes sense, see sheet 7,8; such a graphical evaluation will be required in midterm 1 )?

How to solve:

Question 4: (1 point)

A person runs on a slowly moving trailer with 1.2362 m/s toward the back end of the trailer. What is the velocity of the person relative to the ground if the trailer has a velocity of 0.6276 m/s (sheet 13,14,14')? The direction in which the trailer moves is the positive x-axis.

How to solve:


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